Direct Taxes

Changes in Indian Direct Tax Laws have now become an annual affair and at times happen even more frequently. We keep abreast of all such changes made in Direct Tax Laws, so as to provide quality services to our clients. Due to our in-depth research in the field of Direct Taxes, as well as on account of our close and regular interaction with the Indian Tax authorities, we are able to provide pragmatic solutions to our clientele. Our range of services in this area includes:

  • Evolving tax strategies which would minimize tax incidence through a detailed evaluation of:
    • Double Tax Avoidance Agreements entered into by India with various countries;
    • Tax incentives and tax holidays and
    • Tax incidence in other countries.
  • Rendering opinions;
  • Tax planning for Non-Resident Indians, overseas entities desirous of setting up a business in India;
  • Tax representation before the Indian tax authorities;
  • Transfer Pricing studies;
  • Analysing and advising on the impact of the recently introduced Fringe Benefit Tax and advising organizations in designing a tax-efficient salary structure of employees;
  • Advising on the applicability of withholding taxes and
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns (income tax, withholding tax returns) in India and various other procedural compliances such as preparing and filing applications for a Permanent Account Number, Tax Deduction Account Number, certificate for non-deduction of taxes at source.